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Kerrville: Lakehouse Restaurant Review

The Lakehouse Restaurant

Looks can be deceiving.

Ahhh, beautiful Kerrville, Texas…  (Cue Grieg’s Morning Music)

The beautiful, spring-fed waters of the Guadalupe rush quietly through the small town with large swaths of beautiful cypress trees and carefully tended parks.  The area is quiet, but for a few slow-moving cars and birds singing in the distance.  With settings like this, how can one have a bad day?  Deep in the heart of the city, there is something, well not insidious, but distasteful.

I did everything I could to have a good, anniversary dinner.  Researched on Google, compared those reviews with those of other restaurants, even scoped out the place using Google’s Street View.  With all of that research behind me, I knew that The Lakehouse was the best place in town for a good meal.

The Lakehouse Restaurant

The Lakehouse Restaurant

Considering the humble, but beautiful surroundings, I was expecting some really decent diner-style food.  They’re famous for their catfish, but I didn’t order that.  My first mistake…  I’m not a huge catfish fan, mostly because I’ve had it too many times where the breading is soggy and under-salted on a fish that is already barely palatable.  My husband also passed on the catfish.  My husband and I both ordered the 10 oz sirloin, but first – salad and an entire basket of miscellaneous condiments!

The Lakehouse Restaurant

The Lakehouse Restaurant

In case you’re wondering, yes, that picture above is “salad”.  Pre-bagged iceberg and romaine with one tomato slice and pre-mixed ranch dressing.   I have no problem with the typical American house salad, but usually, it at least comes with a generous sprinkling of neon orange cheese, overly garlicked croutons and a cucumber slice, but I wasn’t so lucky with this salad.  The condiment basket was a great idea!  Give the customer everything their little heart could desire.   Okay, this is just a salad, right?  Not a harbinger of what is to come, right?

The Lakehouse Restaurant

Lakehouse Restaurant Texas

Well, everything looks picture perfect!  Except for the steak, and the sauteed mushrooms and onions, the coleslaw and even the beans.  The first cut into my 1/3 inch thick steak revealed a center that was barely pink.  Which is disappointing because I never order steaks warmer than medium-rare.  (I ordered this one rare.)  But to be fair, I don’t think it’s possible to cook a steak rare when it’s that thin.

I took a bite and was stunned by the absolute lack of flavor, even with fresh mushrooms and onions!  There was NO SALT on my steak.  None!  No salt on my husband’s steak.  Needless to say, after that first mouthful, I asked for a bottle of A1.  Almost everything else was pre-made, frozen grossness; detailing every side dish is not necessary (however the fried shrimp were decent).  This terrible meal would have been easier to swallow had the price of my steak been somewhere around Waffle House prices, but my steak cost a hefty $18.99.  WTF!  I can get a a T-bone steak at Waffle House cooked correctly for only $10.00.

The Lakehouse Restaurant

People of Kerrville – you deserve better, cheaper food.  Please go to Bill’s BBQ, where I had the best buttermilk pie ever and melt-in-your-mouth fatty brisket for about the same price.

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